Liga MX Football Team – Pumas UNAM – Launches NFT Collection With Bondly and Serouno

Legendary Liga MX football team – Pumas UNAM ° announced that they would be launching their official NFT collection with Bondly and The Serouno Group. The main goal of the collection is to give “ millions of their worldwide followers a closer and deeper connection with their favorite team and players.”

The series of NFTs will be dynamic and engaging. They will include a series of perks and benefits that only the NFT holders will be able to redeem various features such as experiences, engagement, merchandise, and more.

What Will The Partnership Look Like?

The Pumas’ NFTs will be launched through a digital marketplace developed especially for Pumas by Serouno Group and Bondly. The main aim is to give the club’s global fan following an opportunity to establish a closer and deeper connection with their favorite team and players than ever before.

Jack Flaherty, CEO of Sports, Bondly said: 

“We are extremely excited and proud to partner with the Serouno Group, to bring NFT’s to Pumas UNAM and their fans. Bondly’s partnership with Pumas will provide next generation fan engagement, by bringing them closer to their favorite team players and giving them access to exclusive content solely available to NFT owners.”

Alex Carmona, Commercial & MKT Director, Club Universidad. noted: 

“For Pumas, this is a major move towards mainstream adoption of NFTs as new users are introduced to this new concept through a collection that will definitely open a wide range of possibilities for real-world and virtual assets that they’re passionate about to connect with them wherever they are and increase the fan engagement, bringing a new dimension to digital interaction, allowing Pumas fans and not fans to manage a unique piece of the Team’s history that is valuable from the collectible aspect, and also as an integral part of a thriving economy.”

More About Pumas UNAM?

A member of Mexico’s Liga MX Primera Division, Pumas UNAM was initially founded in 1954 and had a long and rich history. The club has won 15 championship trophies, including 11 domestic and four international.

What Is Bondly? 

Bondly tries to make DeFi more accessible to everyday users through decentralized escrow payments and traditional marketplaces. It is a trusted, transparent and portable swap protocol designed to make a user into a marketplace. Built on Polkadot, the Bondly protocol consists of an ecosystem of decentralized products to enable anyone to transact digital payments between family or peers. 

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Source: coinmarketcap.com

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