Stripe Co-Founder Is ‘Enthusiastic’ About Bitcoin, 3 Years After Ending Its Support

The president and co-founder of payments processor Stripe says he and his company are “extraordinarily enthusiastic bitcoin fans.”

Asked whether Stripe’s thinking had evolved from its decision to stop supporting bitcoin payments in 2018 by Bloomberg TV host Emily Chang on Tuesday, John Collison said crypto has always been “fairly nuanced.”

“If you think of the kind of world that crypto people and we are trying to bring about, I think it’s a very related set of goals,” said Collison.

Collison pointed to the fact that only 22% of global commerce occurred via cross-border and had some ways to go before global transactions scaled up alongside demand.

“We are stuck down at this level where only a fifth of interactions are cross border,” said Collison. “Crypto is one very exciting direction for trying to solve that.”

Collison also said while his company was trying to make it easier to handle non-locally based payment methods such as Alipay, all approaches to cross-border transactions, including crypto, need to be pursued in “parallel.”

Source: Coindesk

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