A Former Manchester United Player Has Been Charged With Cryptocurrency Fraud

Anderson, a retired former Manchester United soccer player, is being investigated for bitcoin money laundering.

  • According to Rio-based news network Globo, the Brazilian midfielder, who retired at the age of 32 in 2020, is one of eight individuals accused of being engaged in a R$35 million ($6.5 million) money laundering scheme.
  • On Aug. 17, the central court of Porto Alegre accepted the case of the Rio Grande do Sul state prosecutor against Anderson and seven others.
  • The gang is suspected of trying to launder up to R$35 million from a Brazilian stock market, with some of the money coming through bitcoin purchases.
  • Anderson has maintained his innocence, stating that he has owned cryptocurrency since 2019 and that his business sold bitcoin to one of the participants, but that he was unaware of the money's origin.

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