Apifiny, a cryptocurrency exchange, will launch a new platform in the fourth quarter

In the fourth quarter, Apifiny, a crypto exchange that wants to go public later this year, will launch a new "hybrid" digital asset exchange.

• The Apifiny HEX platform, according to the New York-based crypto exchange, has introduced a VIP early access program that would provide eligible traders no-fee trading on order-book trades for the rest of their lives.

• Investors must have an approved Apifiny HEX account and meet a minimum trading volume requirement through September 30 to be eligible. In addition, investors must follow the firm's anti-money laundering rules and procedures.

• Apifiny, which bills itself as a "exchange of exchanges," claims that the early access program would allow investors to try out the service before it becomes public later this year.

• Traders can enroll in the program by submitting their information on the new platform by September 30. You can find the rules here.

• The HEX platform, according to Apifiny, is built with "zero taker fees" and predictable automated market makers (AMM) liquidity accessible through a single order book.

• Apifiny declared its desire to go public by the end of 2021 in February.

• The company recently engaged Erez Simha as its chief financial officer and president to help it navigate the public market.

• “Apifiny HEX represents a critical milestone in capturing a big global, digital asset trading market opportunity as we push toward our public offering,” CEO Haohan Xu stated.

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