In a new rewards app from Fold, Bitcoin gets the ‘Pokémon Go' treatment.

Fold, a cryptocurrency rewards program, is experimenting with a novel method to get users enthusiastic about bitcoin: an augmented reality (AR) crypto treasure hunt a la "Pokémon Go."

Fold's augmented reality function enables users to look around their surroundings for bitcoin and other incentives, like as store discounts and cashback awards. The waitlist for the app went live today, with the full launch scheduled for later this month.

Will Reeves, Fold's CEO and co-founder, told CoinDesk, "One of the hurdles to entry with bitcoin is that it's money, but it's not visible for ordinary people." “With this augmented reality experience, users can see bitcoin, pick it up, and basically bring the world of bitcoin, which is made up of zeros and ones, to life.”

Fold isn't the first to turn bitcoin into a game. Gamification in crypto – and finance in general – has exploded in recent years, with anything from Robinhood's addition of game-like elements to full-fledged crypto adventures like Satoshi's Treasure, which utilized a bitcoin reward to promote tokens.

Fold cards will have access to the AR function once every hour, while those who just have the app will have access once per day. Bitcoin rewards vary from "a few satoshis" to "a goldmine" of bitcoin, according to Reeves.

Fold will give out roughly $100,000 in bitcoin during the current beta phase, but Reeves said the amount could vary in future months based on sponsorship and user engagement levels.

Fold's new AR feature debuts at the same time as the company eliminates all registration and activation costs for its Spin debit card, which pays up to 25% back in bitcoin on transactions.

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