Owners of cryptocurrencies in Singapore are more likely to own Ether than Bitcoin.

According to a study released on Monday, Ether is the most popular cryptocurrency in Singapore.

- According to a study conducted by crypto exchange Gemini, finance platform Seedly, and information source CoinMarketCap, almost four-fifths of crypto investors (78%) own ether, compared to 69% who own bitcoin. Cardano came in third place with 40% of the vote.

- 67% of respondents with personal investments had crypto in their portfolio, and two-thirds of crypto investors boosted their digital-asset holdings during the epidemic, according to the poll of nearly 4,000 people conducted June 29-July 9.

- More than two-thirds of people who haven't invested in crypto cite a lack of understanding as the reason. The decision was also influenced by the perception of market instability.

- Despite this, 34% of non-crypto owners indicated they want to join the market over the next 12 months.

- Decentralized finance was the most intriguing feature of crypto for all respondents, followed by crypto as an inflation hedge and non-fungible tokens.

- According to the study, over 80% of crypto owners in Singapore are males under the age of 34.

- The median income of women whoa hold cryptocurrency is greater than that of males.

- While 64% of all crypto investors have more than 5% of their portfolio in digital assets, one-fifth of those aged 18-24 have more than half of their investments in digital assets.

- Because of its advantageous regulatory environment, Singapore is quickly becoming Asia's crypto center.

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