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 Refreshing and beautifying summer days with coconut, sour tamarind

 Chili fruit cures many diseases

 Spinach - a popular dish with medicinal flavor

 Myths about the 'detox' diet

 Correcting eating habits to keep skin youthful

 Food for people who are short of breath, having difficulty breathing after recovering from Covid

 Lettuce cures sore throat

 Pumpkin with apples and lotuses - post-Covid nutrition

 What to eat to help children smart?

 The reason yogurt is considered a 'panacea' for thousands of years

 Should you eat fruit when hungry or full?

 Food not for pregnant women

 Who shouldn't eat beef?

 9 benefits of green beans

 Experts reveal unknown things about margarine

 Harm of skipping breakfast

 Protein-rich foods strengthen the immune system

 Benefits of mushrooms for runners

 Replenish water and micronutrients after vaccination against Covid-19

 5 types of juices to cool down on hot days

 Herbal remedy to reduce cough and fever

 How to walk to lose weight

 Soy does not cause male sexual weakness

 Harm of skipping breakfast

 Foods that help reduce belly fat

 Ready-to-eat foods are addictive?

 Breathing exercises to recover from the sequelae of Covid-19

 Who should limit eating sushi?

 Vitamin C and zinc do not alleviate the symptoms of Covid-19

 Orange juice is an excellent way to cool down on a hot day

 How to get rid of alcohol, reduce drunkenness

 Abuse of vitamin C is harmful to the body

 Coconut water, rock sugar, ginger can treat Covid-19?

 Many illnesses are cured by guava leaves

 Eat pineapple to prevent belly fat

 Foods that help prevent breast cancer

 Should people undergoing radiation and chemotherapy receive the Covid-19 vaccine?

 Gout risk associated with excessive use of pearl milk tea

 5 modest meals daily to boost resistance to Covid-19

 Drawbacks of Children in low-income households

 Three types of summer cooling fruit

 Will the second dose be given later than recommended, reducing vaccine effectiveness?

 Benefits of jogging before bed

 Foods that help fight inflammation after Covid-19 vaccine

 How many grams of meat should you eat per day?

 Nutrients that should be included in your child's breakfast

 Should seafood allergy be vaccinated against Covid-19?

 Supplementing with Vitamins D3, K2 helps children increase optimal height

 Immunity-boosting meals for the elderly

 The role of water for Covid-19 patients

 How to supplement vitamin C to increase resistance?

 Can mothers with Covid-19 breastfeed?

 7 times not to criticize children

 Time-saving weight loss tips

 How to wash hands to avoid dry skin?

 Eating helps children increase resistance against nCoV

 Tips to help children eat well during the weaning period

 What to do when itchy throat, numb tongue after vaccination with Covid-19 vaccine?

 Fruits rich in vitamin C increase the body's resistance

 Health care from Fucoidan extract

 Control high blood pressure with food

 Replenish water and micronutrients after vaccination against Covid-19

 Risks of premature aging of the scalp

 Why do We get dizzy when running?

 3 misconceptions of parents that make children overweight and obese

 Can the mixture of warm water with lemongrass, lemon, and ginger prevent nCoV?

 How to properly supplement vitamin C?

 How to supplement nutrition to increase resistance during the Covid-19 epidemic

 Health benefits of red ginseng and maca

 Mom is famous for turning food into art

 How do UV rays damage the skin?

 Selfishness is growing in society

 6 tips to help fry without splattering with grease

 What is confidence? Meaning and expression of confident person

 Where is the value of each person in life?

 The value of love in life

 The simplest way to make stuffed tofu with meat, even clumsy can be done

 The benefits of bitter melon on health, notes when using bitter gourd and some dishes from bitter melon

 Stone lotus - How to grow succulents and propagation techniques of succulents

 How to plant and care for white lotus to have the most beautiful flowers

 Techniques for planting and caring for orchids

 The best way to plant and care for roses

 15 amazing health benefits of Lemongrass or Cymbopogon

 What are the benefits of drinking licorice and the risks?

 Kencur - Kaempferia galanga L - Precious medicinal herbs

 Sophora japonica - Medicinal properties, usage and storage

 Culantro brings amazing health benefits

 Health benefits of grapefruit flowers - pomelo flowers - you may not know

 Cooking instructions Vietnamese Caramelized Pork and Eggs - A dish that conquers the world.

 The valuable effects of amaranth on health

 Wormwood - A vegetable with precious medicinal properties

 How to make vietnamese fried spring rolls - Nem Cha

 Turmeric - An effective stomach remedy

 False ginseng - uses and usage

 Gardenia - The most beautiful girl among flowers with excellent pharmacology

 Lotus - A precious flower with great uses

 Magical healing uses of Piper lolot leaves

 How to use aloe effectively and safely

 Polyscias fruticosa harms - Ginseng of Southeast Asia

 The special use of Paederia tomentosa - Skunkvine, Stinkvine

 How to Make Century Eggs at Home Good For The Whole Family's Health

 Syzygium nervosum tea, a precious tonic of the oriental people

 Amazing health benefits of guava - Psidium guajava

 Perilla leaves - Perilla frutescens - bring many wonderful uses

 Alcohol only helps you fall asleep faster, not better!

 Benefits of ginger, how to use and notes when using ginger

 How do pregnant women exercise during pregnancy?

 Benefits of butterfly pea flower - Clitoria ternatean - for human health

 Pip Banana - A valuable remedy from nature

 The great benefits of tonkin creeper flowers - Telosma cordata

 Limnophila chinensis (Finger Grass) - Nature's gift

 Instructions to cook delicious, flexible rice in the Vietnamese way

 Houttuynia cordata Thunb - The uses of heartleaf (fish mint, fish herb, or lizardtail). Some remedies from heartleaf.

 The wonderful effects of gotu kola for oriental people

 Two folk remedies for constipation

 Things to avoid when drinking green tea

 5 health benefits of garlic

 6 ways to help the body increase metabolism

 Is it good to eat a lot of fruit?

 Foods for healthy eyes

 7 ways to eat to help reduce belly fat, slow down the aging process

 How should pregnant women eat so that the fetus is not overweight or underweight?

 7 health benefits of turmeric

 Smoking is bad for the digestive system

 Why should you eat cucumbers?

 High sex demand is sex addiction?

 How to avoid eating too much sugar

 6 ways to increase protein intake

 12 foods rich in omega-3

 Drinking coffee before nap is good for health

 Shrimp contains a lot of cholesterol, good or bad?

 The recipe of Perilla juice cools down and beautifies

 How to make litchi fruit soaked in rock sugar for all year round

 How to make refreshing, simple Kumquat tea at home

 Two simple ways to make tapioca flour to cool down

 9 health benefits of chrysanthemum tea

 Gotu kola juice with green beans cool down and beautify

 Two ways to make sugar-soaked crocodile water

 Does eating avocado every day raise or lower cholesterol?

 Side effects when the body has too much vitamin C

 Reasons to eat apples

 Healthy foods can be harmful to health if eaten in large quantities

 Why does the body need magnesium?

 6 reasons the body needs vitamin A

 Side effects of green vegetable juice

 10 foods to keep skin hydrated

 Foods that help you gain weight fast in a healthy way

 The body's need for vitamin D in old age

 People who shouldn't drink beer

 Edible flowers are good for health

 Benefits of seaweed

 Why should you eat salmon?

 Protein-rich breakfast helps to lose weight effectively

 5 ways to turn a cup of coffee into a healthy morning drink

 Health benefits of sprouts

 Benefits and limitations of eating animal organs

 The role of fish protein in brain health

 Reasons for unwanted weight gain

 Pros and cons of a low-fat diet

 5 Simple Tips for Living a Healthy Lifestyle - Boost Your Well-being Today

 5 Must-Visit Destinations for Summer 2023 - Escape the Heat and Experience Adventure

 Vietnamese Tet Festival: A Celebration of New Beginnings and Family Unity

 Vietnam's Zodiac Animals: A Fascinating Look at the 12 Signs and the Upcoming Year of the Cat 2023

 Chinese Rabbit Zodiac: Understanding the Sign of Grace and Diplomacy

 Tết and Chinese New Year: Distinguishing Two Lunar Celebrations

 Halal and Haram Foods: Understanding the Differences

 Norway Named The Most Livable Country In The World By United Nations

 Bangladesh Unveils New National Flag on Independence Day

 Dhaka, Bangladesh - The Capital City of Culture and Progress

 Traveling to cold countries, what should we eat to keep body temperature?

 Richard Chandler - billionaire dreams of 'Tesla aviation'

 Through the time of cheap money, startups 'sell themselves' under a lot of pressure

 Millionaires continue to leave the UK after Brexit

 Sources of calcium for vegans and dairy allergy sufferers

 Discover the Charm of Barisal, a Hidden Gem in Bangladesh's Barisal Division

 Unlocking the Secrets of Pyramid Construction: Ancient Egyptian Techniques Revealed

 US GDP grew stronger than expected

 India's Massive Wedding Industry

 Europe wants to impose a price ceiling of 100 USD on products from Russian oil

 Japan, the Netherlands join in tightening China's chip supply

 Global real estate faces a debt spiral of $175 billion

 Richest cats in the world

 What to expect in the blockchain market in the new year?

 iOS 17 leaked, revealing major changes on iPhone 15

 Apple lowers the value of iPhone 'renew old'

 WhatsApp fined 5.5 million euros for breaking data protection laws

 Decoding new zombie species in TV blockbuster The Last Of Us

 6 interesting facts around Pirate Island - where many of One Piece's secrets are located

 Fans look forward to the return of Re: Zero and No Game No Life anime

 Manga One Punch Man is causing fever again thanks to the relationship between Saitama and the Snowstorm sisters

 What does Bill Gates say about China?

 Forza Motorsport will arrive on Xbox Series X/S, PC and Game Pass later this year

 5 side jobs at home that can make 100,000 USD a year

 Boeing plans to hire 10,000 more employees

 New Year's Eve revival of Chinese consumption

 Health benefits of sunflower seeds

 The best anime in history according to fans: Gintama No. 2, No. 1 is full of surprises

 The 'first waifu' Misty returns, making Pokémon fans happy

 Fed is expected to stop raising interest rates in March

 'Buy now, pay later' is in a difficult position

 World gold price is forecasted to decrease next week

 Attack on Titan author insists the series will 'never' get a sequel

 The most favorite girls in Bocchi The Rock voted by fans

 What's good after the scenes of The Last Of Us episode 2?

 How to have more fun at work?

 Earn nearly 40,000 USD per month even if only working half an hour a day

 Good and bad are intertwined in global inflation forecast

 Companies that take Russian oil around the world

 Learning and Thinking in English

 German economy moves closer to recession

 Cowboy Bebop author expresses 'disgust' over Netflix adaptation

 IMF raises global growth forecast for the first time in a year

 The Big Tech series is a creditor on the FTX floor

 Facebook intentionally drains user's phone battery?

 Classic shooter GoldenEye 007 coming to Xbox and Switch

 Google develops AI system that can compose music

 Folding iPad coming in 2024

 Controversy about ChatGPT in science and education

 China wants to develop AI similar to ChatGPT

 Text detection engine created by ChatGPT

 Does the phone really eavesdrop on the user's conversation?

 How Russian Oil Dodges Sanctions

 China - unknown with global inflation

 European economy grows faster than US

 OpenAI 'burdens' to pay for ChatGPT to work

 Is ChatGPT being overstated?

 ChatGPT can 'destroy' Google Search

 10 interesting facts to know about the Five Elders in One Piece

 Fed raises interest rates for the 8th time in a row

 World gold price reached 9-month high

 The American oil and gas giant earns millions of dollars every hour

 The crisis caused Gautam Adani to lose his title of Asia's richest man

 US pours billions of dollars into Chinese AI companies

 World gold price dropped sharply

 Apple contributes 85% of global smartphone profits

 Economist: Western sanctions against Russian oil are ineffective

 Mark Zuckerberg has more than 12 billion USD in a day

 Samsung, Google and Qualcomm team up against Apple

 OpenAI deploys ChatGPT Plus package for 20 USD/month

 Bitcoin price surpasses 24,000 USD

 Sergey Brin returns to Google to deal with ChatGPT

 Warren Buffett's Vice President: 'America Should Ban Cryptocurrencies'

 World gold price fell sharply for the second consecutive session

 The West unifies the ceiling price of Russian oil products

 Google invests nearly 400 million USD in ChatGPT rival

 Meta loses 13.7 billion USD in 2022 because of metaverse

 4 interesting things in the One Piece live-action poster, Luffy's 'out of the country' was changed immediately

 Chaos week cost Gautam Adani empire $110 billion

 Bill Gates criticizes Elon Musk's way of pouring money into Mars

 World gold price next week may fall further

 Scientific journals are prohibited from listing ChatGPT as co-authors

 ChatGPT passes Google job interview

 10 Fascinating Facts about Afghanistan: A Journey Through the Heart of Asia

 10 Most Interesting Things About Albania

 Discover the Top 10 Most Fascinating Things About Algeria

 Discover the Fascinating World of Andorra: The 10 Most Interesting Facts About the Tiny Nation

 Discover the Fascinating World of Angola: 10 Must-Know Facts

 Discovering the 10 Most Interesting Facts About Antigua and Barbuda

 Discovering Argentina: The Land of Tango, Wine, and Natural Wonders

 Discovering the Fascinating Culture and History of Armenia: 10 Must-Know Facts

 Discovering the Land Down Under: 10 Fascinating Facts About Australia

 Discovering the Fascinating World of Austria: 10 Surprising Facts

 Discovering the Land of Fire: 10 Fascinating Facts About Azerbaijan

 Discover the Beauty of the Bahamas: 10 Fascinating Facts to Know

 Discovering the Fascinating Kingdom of Bahrain: 10 Must-Know Facts

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